Incorporated partnerships resell - Warsaw

We offer to sell incorporated and registered companies which were never engaged in any activity (so-called shelf companies).

Companies offered to sell have:

  • Flexible partnership company’s agreement providing customers with ability of fast and efficient transfer of the ownership and allowing immediate start-up.
  • The minimum capital required by the companies law.
  • Registration address.
  • Active bank account.
  • Court registration number.
  • Tax registration (CIT and VAT) and tax identification number.
  • Company’s identification number REGON.
  • Current accounts and financial statements with no payables and receivables.
Ltd04-20115 000,00 PLN10 000,00 PLN
Ltd03-20115 000,00 PLN10 000,00 PLN
Ltd04-20115 000,00 PLN10 000,00 PLN
Ltd04-20115 000,00 PLN10 000,00 PLN
Ltd11-20125 000,00 PLN5 000,00 PLN
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